Can you rec some _______ fic?
We’ll do our best to help you find a specific fic that you may have heard of or remember but can’t find. However, we will not respond to general requests. Check the directory if you’re looking for a certain trope or kink. If what you’re looking for isn’t listed in the tags, assume that we don’t have it.
Why isn’t _______ here?
This is a personal reclist. It's not intended to be a record of every fic in the fandom, just the ones we personally enjoy.
How do you choose what to rec?
Think of us as film critics, we rate everything we read and the things we rec are our favorites. In a five star scoring system, anything we read and enjoy that garners three and a half stars or more is recced.
Do you take recommendations?
We’re happy to check out any fic you think we might enjoy, but that doesn’t guarantee that it’ll show up in the recs later. If there's something you'd like us to check out, drop it in the submit box.
What type of recomendations do you take?
We take Derek/Stiles recs and only Derek/Stiles recs (no, we don’t take Dylan/Tyler.) As for genres, you can rec us anything, but be aware that there are some things we wont read, ie watersports, scat, and 99% of all noncon.
Can I submit actual fic that I wrote?
Please don’t submit fic directly to us. If you post your writing on your blog, link it to us and we’ll check it out. Same with fic on AO3 and Livejournal. A little self-promoting never hurt anyone, but know that if you submit fic directly to us it will not be published.
Can you beta my fic for me?
Sorry guys, we don't provide betaing services. However! You're in luck, because there's a blog where you can advertise for a beta.
What’s the difference between fusion and crossover?
A fusion!au puts characters in another universe and allows them to assume the roles of the original characters. A crossover!au sets them down in another universe alongside the original characters.
What are your thoughts on this other pairing/character/issue?
If you have questions about the mods'' personal opinions, please direct those questions to our personal blogs. This rec is impartial and has nothing to do with outside pairings or characters. Questions in this vein will be ignored and deleted. Screw Jeff Davis though.
I sent you love but you didn’t respond D:
We’re sorry! We got your love. We love your love. But posting your love would make the rec a little hectic, and we try to keep things as streamlined as possible. If you send us a thank you note or flail in our general direction, know that we received your message and we appreciated it :).
Will you advertise this/that/the other thing?
This blog is dedicated solely to reccing Derek/Stiles fic and answering direct fic related inquiries. We won’t advertise anything, be it blogs, campaigns, or polls.