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are you back??

Not yet, but we are working to refurbish and reboot wolfrecs soon. Be on the lookout. 

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Anonymous asked:
Hey sorry to be a pain, II've been looking for a fic for ages and I can't seem to find it, I've been following your blog for a while (love it btw) and was wondering if you could help please! It's about the alpha pack come to stay with Derek maybe? And they're increasingly attracted to Stiles, who sort of unknowingly seems to be flirting, like he's cleaning a gun and holding a baby, and Derek gets jealous of them.. Any idea what it was?

You’re looking for All You’re Giving Me Is Friction by drunktuesdays. 

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Anonymous asked:
Hi, not sure if you read this fic but i'm looking for one where it's a wolf!au and Scott and stiles were attacked by a bear and derek saves and takes care of an injured stiles while scott left to find their pack

You’re looking for Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight by skoosiepants.

Anonymous asked:
*waves awkwardly* hi, I'm not sure if this counts as a general question (if it does, sorry!) but do you have a tag that would go with members of the sheriff's department finding out about/seeing Sterek before the sheriff does and they don't want him to know? I've searched your tag names but I don't know what It would fit under, if anything.

We don’t have a tag specifically for anything like that, but we have recced a fic like that! Derelictions of Duty by Regann.

Anonymous asked:
hey i was just wondering if there are any sterek fics other than those in the major character deaths that you have read which is equivalent to the twist and shout of this ship? cheers x

….I’m going to assume that Twist and Shout is a destiel fic? So I (Jade) wouldn’t have read it. And if anything isn’t in the tag, we either haven’t read it yet or wouldn’t consider it rec worthy. You can try asking my co-runner (Iva) but she usually doesn’t touch major character death with a 39 and 1/2 ft pole.

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alenie asked:
hey, I'm looking for a fic where Derek thinks he sees Stiles killed in front of him, but really it's some hunter who was made to smell and look like Stiles. And Stiles looks like the hunter and has to convince Derek who he is.

You’re looking for I Just Need You by beckybrit.

theworldismyoysterrr asked:
Hello dear lovely people. I remember reading a fic where Stiles is a writer who writes about his experiences on running with wolves under a pseudonym, and Erica recommends those books to Derek. However, I cannot for my life remember who wrote it. Help? Please? Ta x

You’re looking for Tricksters Make This World by wldnst.

Anonymous asked:
Sorry for bugging you, but I've searched everywhere for this fic. It's where Stiles haunts Derek when he buys Stiles' old house and they figure out Stiles is separated from his body not dead. Thank you so much for all your recs!

You’re looking for The Jelly to His Doughnut by blacktofade.

Anonymous asked:
Hi hi! Looking for a fic that I will owe you for life if you can help. Stiles is an omega and Derek's an alpha and when omegas go through heat they're usually sent to this place called the sanctuary and Stiles runs out because he doesn't want to be there and Derek finds him. Do you know this?

You are literally looking for a fic called The Sanctuary by chase_acow.

alreadyclaimednamefk asked:
do you know any Ladyhawke type fics, like where Derek is the wolf at night, and Stiles is the hawk by day, i tried searching the name but nothing came up similar to the movie. help me wolfrecs, you're my only hope.
Anonymous asked:
Hi, wanted to say your blog is lovely and I've enjoyed the recs. Also, do you know the zombie apocafic that had Stiles as the leader of a group with Danny and Lydia, I think, and Derek as leader of a group with his betas, and then they bang but only because Derek wanted to seduce Stiles into being more amenable. I believe it was a WIP the last time I read it. I looked through your post-apocalyptic tag and it wasn't there. Thank you!

You might be looking for What Turns Up In The Dark by RemainNameless.

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replicasex asked:
Hi, do you all know the title of a fairly popular Sterek medieval/high fantasy AU where Stiles is married to a King Derek whose kingdom is at war with the Argents? I remember it being somewhat popular on AO3, thank you in advance!

You might be looking for The Well of Living Waters by kalpurna.

Anonymous asked:
I have been frantically googling for hours now, but I think you're my last hope at finding a certain fic; Derek POV, Stiles has been kidnapped and tortured pretty severely - I seem to recall Derek thinking that Stiles had been supposed to go somewhere but never made it out of BH. Derek teams up with the sheriff and they save Stiles, but he's seriously damaged and in the hospital for a long time. I really hope you can help - thanks for running and awesome blog!

You’re looking for Our Days Are Numbered by tylerfucklin.

Anonymous asked:
Sorry to bother you, I've been searching for this fic for awhile with no luck. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong tags or something, but I was hoping you could help me? All I remember is Stiles tried to kill himself by jumping off a cliff in the woods & Derek Jogging in the woods, and comes across the crime scene & overhears the cops talking about how lucky it was Stiles survived. (Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope...)

You’re looking for This Warpath by InTheArmsofaTheif.

Anonymous asked:
Hi! So sorry to ask but I cannot remember or find a fic anywhere. I looked through your directory just in case you had posted it but still couldn't find it. All I remember is stiles is an omega and he works for Derek and Laura and he and Derek are pretty much fuck buddies but then Derek looses his memory and Laura tells Stiles to stay away. Does any of this sound familiar?! Thanks so much! Sorry to bother you!

You’re looking for Hello, Heartbreaker by astoryaboutwar and you can find it under the amnesia!fic section in the directory. 

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